Why Weston Bicycle Works?

We are a new bicycle service provider in Weston-super-Mare, and our aim is to recycle cycles! Not only will this reduce the amount of waste, but it will incentivise continued use and sustained development of a bicycle culture in North Somerset.

We aim to encourage all bicycle owners of Weston-super-Mare, to have their bicycles serviced and readied for use, to take advantage of a great past-time, improve health and fitness, and be able to utilise new and safer bicycle routes in and around North Somerset.

We proactively obtain, and refurbish used bicycles, making them safe and fit for riding again. This not only ensures a safe entry to riding a bicycle, but it is also a very affordable access route to bicycle riding, particularly over the larger retailers in the area, which seem to be the only opportunity for local residents to consider using a bicycle.

We are open to all age groups, ensuring that we have suitable stock, through the purchase, and donatons, of used bicycles. We have already experienced generous donations of bicycles from local people, and we have also seen an increase in demand for bicycle owners to have their bicycles serviced and prepared safely for use.

We’d love to see you at our showroom and workshop at 143 Locking Road.

Paul & Johnny

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